Triple Screen Trading System Part 1

None of them is designed to make a flawless interpretation or prediction of the market. Moreover, none of them is designed to correlate with the other indicators. Rather, they are supposed to be used in combination, including the situations when they contradict each other. Venturing into forex trading is one of the best experiences where I can keep learning and sharing my knowledge in contents that are easy to comprehend for beginners. Asktraders is a free website that is supported by our advertising partners.

He has written 16 books, amongst these are the international bestsellers, The New Trading for a Living and Come into My Trading Room (nominated for Barron’s 2002 Book of the Year). However, some trading platforms ig: an overview of the firm are not friendly to multiple time-frame analysis. In that case, you can pay attention to pullbacks that do not overlap with the EMA. The stop loss for a buy order can only move higher and is never moved lower.

  • It aims to find short-term pullbacks that are about to end within an established long-term trend so as to open positions in the direction of the main trend and at the right time.
  • Stock and currency prices in the most random price movements will follow a trend despite the time, day, or date.
  • Check if the price is trading above the 200-day moving average to confirm the uptrend.
  • The system is based on Elder’s hypothesis that no single indicator can provide reliable signals or position plans.
  • You can set it to protect 50 percent of your running profits or, in the case of shorter time frames, a fixed pip value should work just as well.
  • Since stochastic is up, it means price was rallying in the nature of relief rally.

On the same note, oscillators work when the market is range-bound, and tend to give false signals when the market is trading. For those who prefer manual trading there is a number of additions to the classical common signals. It shows not only the current entry points, but also the position of specific indicators during the last 5 bars, which can point at a beginning trend or the possibility to increase a position. Stock and currency prices in the most random price movements will follow a trend despite the time, day, or date. It is based on common sense, and the most ignorant of investors is not going to pay $1000 for an $800 stock, and vice versa.

Who invented the triple screen trading system?

If the downward correction is particularly strong, caution is required. We’d certainly want to wait until the new direction establishes itself what is price action for entering long if the pullback is especially sharp. Williams %R is often compared to Stochastic because of their similarities.

  • This means that a stock price will most probably remain on a past trend rather than fluctuate randomly.
  • Rather, they are supposed to be used in combination, including the situations when they contradict each other.
  • Learn how to trade from a pro.Joining this webinar, you will learn the importance of the multi-timeframe approach and simplicity.
  • If the trend direction is confirmed, your buy order will be executed.
  • In this case, you are looking for a temporary uptrend with an idea of selling the asset.

The last part of the Alexander Elder trading strategy is where all the fun begins. As the name of the Elder trading system suggests there are three “screens” that we apply to every trade. The Alexander Elder trading strategy also known as the Triple Screen trading system was revealed to the general public in the Trading for a Living Alexander Elder book. Let’s get started with an introduction to the Alexander Elder trading strategy. If everything is done correctly, the template will be attached to the symbol chart at the time of its opening. Otherwise, you will see a message about an unsuccessful attempt with the reason description in the “Experts” tab of the terminal.

Alexander Elder Trading Strategy: Summary

A trailing stop loss is set on the sell order to exit the position with a buy back either in loss or in profit. If you are a buy and hold, or sell and wait trader, then a longer range setup is perhaps going to be the best choice. We see what is capital markets that the MACD has reached the extreme low below the signal line (the selected area on the below image). While the Stochastic Indicator shows the fast line (solid) crossing the slow line (punctured) bottom-up within the 0-20% zone.

The preliminary step

The third screen is where you identify the exact price for entry points. In the original system, it works with lows and highs that form the support and resistance levels and searches for short-term breakouts in the direction of the tide using a trailing stop. New versions typically add other indicators but using the naked eye to spot price action here is a completely acceptable method. The only thing choices you really need to make are which time frames and indicators to use for the screens. The triple screen system works with a trend following (momentum) indicator on the first screen, such as a simple moving average. It confirms the dominant trend that the asset is developing and the direction your position will need to be taken in.

On the other hand, if the aim is to go short, you should use a trailing sell-stop, a tick below the previous day’s low. If momentum trading is your cup of tea, you should also take a look at the 5-minute Forex “Momo” trading setup, which also uses EMA and MACD. It will be an interesting exercise to compare the two trading strategies, but that’s for another day. The procedure on the sell side is identical to the above except in reverse.

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Therefore, signals in small time frames are usually very temporary and can’t be regarded as the general outlook for the price movement. Dr Alexander Ray recommended using the Force Index and the Elder-ray as oscillators. He also suggested the Stochastic and the Williams Percent Range indicators as oscillators that would work well with the system. Some people confuse the terminology Triple Screen with three screens. However, the system involves applying three tests on every trade with trend and momentum indicators.

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Your actual trading may result in losses as no trading system is guaranteed. You accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold The Forex Geek and any authorized distributors of this information harmless in any and all ways. The first screen uses an indicator that is one order of magnitude greater than your chosen time frame, it allows you to analyze a broader view of the trends. There are several possible indicators you can use for this, such as the MACD indicator.

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Yet, it is hard to know certainly when the market condition will change. Many traders add other indicators as a means of confirmation, but it doesn’t guarantee accuracy. To overcome this weakness, a triple screen trading strategy could help you. Most traders normally use a single screen to monitor price charts and their trades.

Finally, the moment to take profits will be determined by your trailing stop once you are in a position. You can set it to protect 50 percent of your running profits or, in the case of shorter time frames, a fixed pip value should work just as well. For example, if the long-term trend is the 4h time frame, the medium-term trend should be the 1h time frame while the short-term trend should be the 15 minutes TF. The Elder trading system came in response to a well-known problem that certain technical indicators only work in a certain market environment. For example, trend-following indicators perform well only when the market is trading, and tend to give false signals when the market is range-bound.

The triple screen trading system requires the first two stages of the study on a weekend. It means that one can start examining this process only after the weekly closing is over. This triple screen trading system was developed by Dr Alexander Elder. But if the market continues to decline, our stop will be deactivated, and we would then trail your stop by dropping it to one tick above the high of the day that just passed. We would keep trailing until activated, or until we see the weekly trend change direction. A system trader is an investor who has developed his or her personal trading system and follows it with all consequences.

The first screen starts with higher degree time frames and subsequently we downgrade our time frames lower as we progress with the 3 screens. What if conditions in the market change so that your single screen can no longer account for all of the eventualities operating outside of its measurement? The point is, because the market is very complex, even the most advanced indicators can’t work all of the time and under every market condition. Its main purpose is semi-automatic Forex trading following Elder’s Triple Screen strategy. Its wide functionality and ability to quickly change some essential parameters makes it an ideal market interpretation tool, which is indispensable in the common trade analysis. Its main advantage is almost unlimited number of simultaneously analyzed instruments.

The purpose is to avoid any real risk that comes with the live account. Therefore, using the forex demo account as a training field is no less important than the strategy planning. Three ways in using Stochastic are by observing the divergence, identifying the overbought and oversold levels, as well as using the Stochastic lines crossing. An example combination of trend indicators for the Triple trading system is Moving Averages and MACD Histogram. So, Dr. Elder developed a trading system that eliminates simple averaging problems combined with the best trend and momentum indicators.

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